Layered Fabrics Made for the Window with Marcie Bronkar

There are always new trends when it comes to interior design. A new one is taking over, and you may be seeing a lot of it! This trend is layered fabrics. Layered fabrics are popular, and there’s a good reason for it. They offer a stylish and functional solution when it comes to controlling a room’s light, privacy and temperature. Not only do layered fabrics allow for the combination of different materials and patterns, but they offer versatility. This means that you have endless possibilities in creating a look in your home that matches your personality and reflects your style. 

A Fresh Take On Layered Fabrics 

As the trend of layered fabrics is coming on the scene, there is one interior designer who has a grasp on how to make unique and eye-catching designs. Marcia Bronkar is an interior designer located in New York City who is known for her layered fabric window coverings. While there are window coverings that either lean more towards the design side or more towards the functional side, Bronkar’s is a mix of both. They meet the needs of the space while providing a one-of-a-kind look that serves as a focal point to a room while simultaneously adding depth. She draws inspiration from historical designs but adds modern touches so they fit effortlessly in homes today. 

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Soft Color Palette

If you are typically drawn to softer colors, a neutral palette for your layered fabrics is ideal. Colors like beige, cream, taupe and white create a calming atmosphere in the room. 

arched windows with roman shades on the windows and ceiling height draperies in a neutral colored living room

Take this living room for instance. The ceiling height draperies over the arched windows add a dramatic touch to the space, create the illusion of a taller room, and are practical because they can reduce light while adding privacy. By pairing these draperies with roman shades, you are setting yourself up for perfect window coverings that offer functionality and are aesthetically pleasing in your space!

Bold Color Palette 

If you wish to make a statement in your home, a bolder color palette may be just the ticket. Colors like bold reds, rich greens and dark grays will be perfect. There is one key to remember when it comes to adding a bold color palette to your space. You need to acknowledge when enough is enough. 

Bold and moody designed layered fabrics next to a neutral wall color and light fixture

Add balance by having neutral walls and furniture and incorporating light fixtures. From there, you can mix and match styles and patterns that reflect your style and your personality. If you are ready to start looking, view the Amaryllis fabric collection! It has the dark colors you love and the practical layered fabrics you need. 

Where Style Meets Function

So far, we have covered different styles of layered fabrics. Now, we will dig into how they add functionality to a space. When selecting layered fabrics, start with finding a great base shade. Roman shades are an excellent option. They easily control light and privacy, are energy efficient and are easy to operate. What else could you want?

Neutral living room with soft designed draperies and roman shades over a long window next to a lounge chair in a living area

Once you have selected your base shade, you can move on to the draperies that will accompany it. This living room highlights layered fabrics that are a part of the soft neutral palette but have maximum functionality with the roman shades they selected as the base shade. 

Ready to Incorporate Layered Fabrics? 

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