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Cover Glass Doors with Style

Wondering which window treatments would be best for your french doors, patio doors or sliders? We know how important function is for this high traffic area of your Austin home. Discover ideas with the most commonly asked questions about how to cover glass doors. Which options would you love to have?

  • Vertical adjustment, side-to-side
  • Horizontal movement, up & down
  • Smart control
  • Energy efficiency
  • Coordinated style

When you cover glass doors with window treatments, you invite style as the backdrop to your life. The best window treatments will offer convenience and ease, especially when you add custom features, like motorized shades. Whether you’re searching for plantation shutters for sliding glass doors, vertical window blinds or the ideal french door window treatments, we’ve got solutions and style for you!

Find inspiration for Covering Doors with Window Treatments to create beauty and function in your home.

More to Know about Glass Doors

If you have more questions about covering glass doors with blinds, shades, shutters or curtains, you’ve come to the right place! And…you’re not alone. Many homeowners are facing the same challenges that you are. Let’s take a look at the most commonly asked questions about the glass doors in Austin area homes.

How Do You Block the Sun from a Sliding Glass Door?

Does this question remind you of your own home? Sliding glass doors are an amazing way to bring light and views into our homes. They don’t take up space from swinging open. But…when they bring in light, they bring in SO MUCH light. Not only that, but the heat of summer increases ten-fold when you have sliders in your home. We often recommend vertical blinds and shades to cover sliding doors–the adjustments of these window treatments match the movement of the door, hanging down from a track above. If it’s the heat that’s getting to you, consider vertical honeycomb shades that stop the light and heat at the window. Just be careful when you’re choosing window treatments for sliding glass doors–you may want to block the harsh light, but blocking it all can cause its own frustrations. Consider light filtering shades that will soften the entering light, prevent glare and protect your home from UV rays.

How Do You Cover the Window of a Door?

Both patio doors and french doors often have large portions of glass in the middle. Even entryway doors can have a portion of glass window installed in it. When covering glass doors that swing open, you’ll want to think about the function of the door–the direction it opens and the handle or lever used. The last thing you’ll want is to create problems with the way your door functions so you can get light control and privacy. Your window covering specialist will be a great resource in evaluating possible layout obstacles and can advise which custom cut-outs you may need for your door handle. You’ll also want to consider the issues you’re having at the door. Too much light? Not enough privacy? These unique issues will be a great place to start when you’re selecting solutions.

Can You Use Blinds on Doors?

The short answer is…Yes! Window blinds can be used to cover patio and french doors in most cases. Both blinds and shades are typically installed with hardware into the door above the window portion. Most doors require outside mount, since the window trim for glass on doors is so shallow. One option to consider if you don’t want to drill into your door, or it doesn’t seem like there’s room, is the TrackGlide system, which allows a window covering track to adhere to the frame of your door, just next to the glass.

More questions? Reach out to our team of window covering specialists! We’d be happy to help.

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