Room Darkening Solutions

Create the ideal atmosphere for bedrooms & media rooms.

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Room Darkening Shades, Shutters, Drapery & Blinds

Room darkening shades, blinds, shutters & drapery can deliver the darkness you need. What can room darkening window treatments do for you?

  • Reduce distracting nighttime lights
  • Experience minimal light gaps
  • Block intense sunshine throughout the day
  • Various fabrics options for levels of darkness

With the right room darkening blinds, you’ll customize the light control. Remove distracting light, no matter the time of day with blackout blinds. Achieve the perfect atmosphere for your bedrooms, as well as other rooms, like the media room with a wide range of light control. Favorite features include dual shades, which offers a blackout roller shade that drops into place behind a front, light-filtering shade. With the latest innovation from Hunter Douglas, you’ll actually seal out the light for darkness you’ve been dreaming about. Discover the best blackout shades with LightLock™.

Did you know you can have room darkening qualities with plantation shutters? We’ve got tips for your next project with the ideal shutter options.

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Room Darkening VS Blackout

What’s the difference between the two? Room darkening refers to a darkened space with “most” of the light removed. Blackout shades create a truly dark space–very little light to see in front of you. Whether you need blackout blinds or room darkening, both can be achieved with the right fabrics, features and fit for your windows.

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Dual Shades

With two shades on the same headrail, you can experience a range of light control, from light-filtering to room darkening–even blackout–during the day or night. The front shade can be in place for view-through and diffused natural light. The second shade, normally a blackout roller shade, is lowered in place when you want to block out the light.
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Light Gaps

Commonly seen along the side edges of the window, light gaps can take blackout fabrics and add light to the overall space. Most homeowners have some type of light gaps, depending on the blackout shades selected, the specific type of window, or how the window shades were installed. For a truly dark space, consider a system like LightLock that seals out the light at the window frame. Or, add layering with side blackout curtains.
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