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Duette® Honeycomb Shades

Award winning energy efficient design makes Duette honeycomb shades the best choice for maintaining comfortable temperatures year-round in your Austin home. These shades also offer an incredible selection of customizations:

  • Gorgeous fabrics with color & texture
  • Pleated look offers organized style
  • Cellular structure insulates windows
  • Room darkening with LightLock™
  • Versatile lighting with Duolite®
  • TrackGlide™ covers the most challenging windows

Duette honeycomb shades are the ideal upgrade for the comfort and style of your home. With such a wide range of features, you can cover your windows and enjoy amazing benefits. Duette shades are also a top choice for skylight shades. 

dual shades for energy efficiency in Austin, TX


 Duolite Dual Shades are one of the most popular features. With Duette, the two shades are joined together, on one window, for adjustable light control. You can experience view-through and filtered light. But, with a simple adjustment, the room darkening portion can adjust into place for customized light control.

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trackglide system for top down bottom up window shades


TrackGlide is an incredible feature–the TrackGlide™ System allows honeycomb shades to adjust on a track that runs along the edge of the window. The track adheres to the window frame, perfect for areas where drilling isn’t possible. Great for Tilt & Turn windows, french doors and tight spaces.

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lightlock room darkening energy efficient shades in black color


The best blackout shades come with LightLock™. The U-shaped frame is installed along the window frame. The shades edges are inserted into the channels. Ideal for bedrooms or media spaces, direct light and heat is blocked when the shades close. Simple adjustment allows for an on/off vibe.

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Duette® Honeycomb Shades