• kitchen sink with window behind it covered by window shade

Silhouette® Window Shadings

  • ~ NEW ~ Halo delivers a wider range of lighting
  • Amazing view-through of landscape
  • Dispersed filtered light & reduce glare
  • Dual shades available
  • Great for large windows

Soft, filtered light + your amazing view. Hunter Douglas Silhouette shades offer amazing benefits of light control while creating the perfect ambiance. Reduced glare, UV protection and improved privacy make your home a more comfortable space. There’s no sacrifice, as these Silhouette shades enhance the natural light and landscape views. With the innovation of dual shades, you can enjoy a range of light control, from sheer to room darkening, as a roller shade drops into place from the shared headrail. You truly can have it all. See what other Austin area homeowners have done in their homes by visiting our Instagram page!

Dual Shades

It’s a whole new light control experience for sheer shades. Silhouette shades are now available with a secondary blackout roller shade, on the same headrail. The two shades operate independent of one another. The sheer shade is lowered in place when you want diffused light and a view of the outdoors. When you’re ready for room darkening and complete privacy–or to just block the Texas sun–you’ll lower the blackout shade into place behind the front shade.

Halo Feature: All New!

We love when a window covering product is upgraded with a whole new range of light control. The Halo feature extends the adjustment of the fabric vanes. Traditionally, these sheer shades have floating vanes that reveal the view, tilting down for light control, until finally closing. Now, with the Halo feature, the vanes can also tilt upward to add directional light control–capable of illuminating the ceiling for brighter interior light.

Gorgeous Views

Well-known for the dynamic views and soft, filtered light they provide, Hunter Douglas Silhouettes are a very popular shade. A relatively new innovation comes to the sheer fabrics of these window shades. The original sheers offer a neutral-inspired, hazy view of the landscape. The newest option, called ClearView, uses a black sheer fabric to sharpen the view with crisp details. The best part? They’re both great–the choice is yours. Many homeowners consider their own personal view when deciding.
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Silhouette® Window Shadings