Large Window Solutions

Discover window treatments for your largest windows.

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Window Treatments for Large Windows

  • Control the Light
  • Diffuse Glare
  • Enjoy the View
  • Experience Energy Savings

Your largest windows add dynamic style, but they may also provide incredible frustration without the correct window coverings. Discover the perfect look for your home, with an operating system that works best for your lifestyle. Our floor to ceiling blinds, shades, drapery–and even shutters!–allow you to upgrade the look & feel of your Austin area home while taking advantage of the natural light. Learn to love your large windows again!

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Discover Window Treatments for Large Windows

Expansive windows can add gorgeous character and natural light, but they can make your Austin home bake in the heat of summer. If you love your views and lighting, but need more control for levels of lighting, privacy, UV protection and energy efficiency, you need to explore the limitless possibilities of window treatments for large windows!

Sizing Information

When it comes to windows, the standard sizing can vary based on the type of window, from double hung to casement and more. We like to say that a window over 48″ wide, or 72″ tall would be considered large. Of course, floor to ceiling windows, picture windows, bay windows and sliding doors would automatically be put into the category of large windows. Check out this recent article we put together about our window treatment collections if you’re interested in seeing basic sizing details.

Top Features

By adding the right kind of window coverings to your largest windows, you can experience the benefits of light control, privacy, energy efficiency and more. In addition, the features are what can make the atmosphere of your home that much better. The top features our Austin clients love for their floor to ceiling windows take everything to the next level.

  • Smart shades make the adjustment of your large window coverings effortless. From voice-controlled activation, to scheduled adjustments–or even just a simple tap on the remote–this smart home upgrade is just that: Smart.
  • Top down shades invite natural light in across your ceiling, while covering the majority of the window. This creates a well-let, beautifully styled atmosphere with controlled light, privacy and energy savings.
  • Energy efficient window coverings are adjustable to make creating a pleasant temperature in your home an experience, while providing a beautiful backdrop of fabrics or the stunning look of wood shutters.

Home Coordination

One of the top questions we get about floor to ceiling blinds, shades, shutters and drapery is about how to coordinate them with all of the other windows and doors in the same home–or even the same space when working with an open floor plan. The answer? Well, that’s up to you. There are a few factors that contribute to the final result, with your personal style being a large part of it. In general, no–your window treatments don’t all have to be the same. That’s the beauty of working with a window covering designer. We can help you decide which windows and doors need which features, where they are located, how they will pair with other selections and how the entire look will come together in YOUR home. We help you decide how to curate the look, offering fabric selections that pair together nicely, and which operating features will advance the use of your home.