Large Window Solutions

Large Window Solutions

Floor to ceiling window treatments for your largest windows.

  • blue roman shades as floor to ceiling window treatments in Austin TX
    Vignette® Roman Shades

Floor to Ceiling Window Treatments

  • Control the Light
  • Diffuse Glare
  • Enjoy the View
  • Experience Energy Savings

Your largest windows add dynamic style, but they may also provide incredible frustration without the correct window coverings. Discover the perfect look for your home, with an operating system that works best for your lifestyle. Our floor to ceiling blinds, shades–and even shutters!–allow you to upgrade the look & feel of your home while taking advantage of the natural light. Learn to love your large windows again!

What You Should Know: Covering Large Windows

Do you have large windows? Wide windows? Floor to ceiling? If so, you’re familiar with the natural light and landscape views that make them a beautiful part of your home. But, you’ve probably also found yourself wondering about covering large windows. We’re breaking down for you the top “need to know” information that will help you decide which window treatments will be best in your home…

How to Deal with Tricky Windows

Tricky windows…most of us have challenges with windows in one way or another. Do you know how we define tricky windows? It’s any window or door where commonly used window coverings do not work to offer the light control, privacy, energy efficiency or practical operation you deserve. In addition, they can fall into a few categories: specialty shaped windows, hard to reach, or layout dysfunction.

The Ideal Atmosphere with Balanced Light

Beautiful weather is in full-swing here in the Austin area! Do you find yourself happy to see the sun, but then trying to escape it as well? You’re not alone. Achieving balanced light is a goal of many Texans. But, with the right window coverings, you can have the perfect amount of light without the negatives that come with intense sunshine. The first step? Identify the direction your windows face throughout your home…

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