illuminated shadesAura Illuminated Shades

European Style Windows

  • after photo of roman shades opened with light coming from the top of the shade
    Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Aura Illuminated Shades

~ NEW ~ An exciting innovation in window coverings, Aura Illuminated Shades brings lighting into your home–at the window–with the shades closed. Not only that, but the lighting ranges in temperature, from warm to cool.

  • Block light, glare & UV rays
  • Enjoy lighting from the inside
  • Temperature of light is adjustable
  • Bright & cool, to soft & warm
  • Shades roll up & out of the way

You can block the glare, intrusive light & harmful UV rays–while increasing privacy. The magic of this lighting design is in a combination of LED strip lighting & reflective shading. When closed, your Illuminated Shades can simply provide room darkening in bedrooms, media rooms–or any space that needs light blocked. To enhance the lighting of the room, the reflective shade drops down into position. When the LED lights turn on, the temperature of the lighting is adjusted to create the mood, whether you want bright and cool to soft and warm. This is what’s known as ambient lighting, and it’s known to benefit our lives in a number of ways. Ambient lighting is capable of increasing productivity, improving moods, & calming us down.

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