Solutions for Specialty Shapes

Enhance the look of your home’s unique windows.

  • rounded arched window with cellular honeycomb shade
    Duette® Honeycomb Shades

Angled & Arched Window Shades

If you have specialty shaped windows, you’ve probably decided you need custom window treatments.

  • Enhance the look of the shape
  • Customized to fit your windows
  • Coordinate the style of your home

Oftentimes, there is hesitation to cover these custom-shaped windows. Some homeowners don’t know what possible, and others want to preserve the architectural look. Our team can guide you to discover both style & solutions with the best angled and arched window shades. Whether it’s arches, angles or other tricky windows, we’ve got ideas for your home with our custom window shades and plantation shutters.

Find Out More about Angled & Arched Window Shades and Shutters

The unique windows of your home set the look apart with character. Custom products are often necessary to balance that specialty appeal with the right atmosphere of lighting, temperature maintenance, privacy & UV protection. Yes, you can have it all. Let’s explore important considerations…

Should the window treatment stay in one position? Or adjust? 

It can depend on your preference, or the collection of window treatments you choose. Some window coverings, like sheer shades, don’t need to adjust often as they continually filter light and provide protection. Your decision can be based on the location of the windows, which direction they face and the function of the room.

Let’s talk issues…

While homeowner issues are quite common, the problems you’re having can be unique to you. Therefore, we always want to start with what’s bothering you in your home–even specific to the room or particular windows. Because unique windows can be considered “tricky” to cover, they are often left bare. You might be experiencing too much light, glare, or heat. You also may need privacy. The right arched window shades or shutters can provide the right solutions for your home.

Would you prefer complete coverage? Or partial?

If you’ve done any scrolling for your shaped windows, you probably have seen two looks: Complete coverage & partial coverage. Customized window coverings can be designed to fit the shape of the window, allowing all of the glass to be covered. But, it’s also possible to cover the majority of the window, leaving the top “shaped” portion bare. This provides a similar experience to “top down” shades, where the light can enter, but much of the window is covered.