Solutions for Skylight Windows

Get control of the light for the perfect atmosphere.

  • skylight shades in tan honeycomb by hunter douglas
    Duette® Honeycomb Shades

Cover Skylight Windows in Your Home

  • Control the Light
  • Maintain Interior Temps
  • Prevent UV Damage
  • Make Simple Adjustments

Skylight windows offer beautiful, flowing light. Refreshing & mood-enhancing, that light can be a welcome sight. It can also be frustrating. Too much light can turn into blinding glare and out-of-control temperatures. The UV rays that enter can lead to years of damaged interiors. Covering skylight windows is an important choice, but one that you’ll need advice and guidance. That’s where our team comes in! When you meet one-on-one with a window covering specialist, you’ll discover the best window coverings for your skylights, along with the features and benefits you’ll receive. Find out about automated adjustments–quickly becoming the most popular choice when you want to cover skylight windows. Adjustments happen with a remote, your phone, or with smart settings. You can even adjust these smart shades with a voice command!