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Stay Cooler in the Heat with Energy Saving Shutters, Shades & Drapery

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    Vignette® Window Shades

Energy Saving Window Treatments Increase Comfort!

  • Block the Rays, Keep Out the Heat
  • Reduce Energy Use
  • Feel Better, Sleep Better

With the intensity of the Austin, TX sunshine, you need energy saving shutters, shades or drapery to keep your home comfortable. Insulated window treatments will block the heat and UV rays of the Texas sun, while also keeping out the drafts we feel during our winter weather. From the incredible design of the award winning cellular shades, to layers of fabric–and even the framed appeal of interior window shutters, we’ve got energy saving in store for you!

Find out more about your choices in energy efficient window treatments. The Woven Woods collection offers the latest innovation in energy efficiency.

The Details of Energy Saving Shades, Shutters & Drapery

When you face extreme heat, like we do here in Texas, you need tried-and-true solutions. Not only do we face the challenge of keeping the exterior heat from influencing the interior cool, we also have to block the sunlight from entering through the glass–magnified beyond comfort. These are both challenges that the right window treatments can help you solve.

One of the best ways to decrease energy loss…

When you hear the statistic that 40% of energy loss occurs at the window, it does conjure up the image of just tossing money out of your home, doesn’t it? While old windows can play a role in this, oftentimes, new windows can be at a similar risk, depending on the insulating value of the glass. Hunter Douglas honeycomb shades feature a revolutionary design, cellular pockets that trap air. The exterior air can no longer influence the cool interior air, allowing you to maintain those cooler temperatures inside your home.

Preventing your home from “baking” in the sun…

Your pets might love it. Chances are, if you have a cat or dog in your home, you know exactly where the “hot spots” are. These are areas in your home, within reach of a window, or near where the sun casts its glow. The sunlight shines through, leaving a figurative “pool” of light. Why do these areas attract pets? As the sunlight streams through the window, the window acts as a magnifying glass, heating those rays up by incredible amounts. The result is a hot spot. That heat not only increases the temperature in that spot, it also stays in the room, incrementally heating the space more and more as the day goes on. That sunlight needs to be stopped from entering. When sunlight doesn’t have the chance to stream into the room, the hot spots no longer exist, and the room is kept from heating up from trapped air.

Many window treatments can stop this effect. The light simply cannot enter. What’s the problem with that? You may not want to live in a space without light and views. Not many of us would choose to live in a cave without the ability to see the outside world. That’s what makes window treatments an excellent option for your home. There are basic adjustments that allow you to open and close them, based on specific needs during certain times of day or seasons of the year. Beyond that, other features improve this experience.

The top down bottom up feature allows a small stream of light to enter, across the ceiling, illuminating the space and providing treetop views. Another option is to choose energy saving shades that are controlled with smart home technology. This makes access to the light and views just one tap away. Even more involved, you can schedule your energy efficient window treatments to close mid-morning, allowing the sunlight to enter, starting the day off in a refreshing glow, but closing up during the hottest parts of the day. This effortless control not only improves the atmosphere of your home, but it will save on cooling costs in the long run.

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