Top Down Bottom Up

The ideal balance of natural light & privacy.

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    Duette® Honeycomb Shades

Daylighting Meets Privacy

  • Lower from the top
  • Light streams across the ceiling
  • Enjoy valuable daylighting

Top down bottom up shades are a favorite feature, and it’s not hard to see why. Bringing in ample natural light–directed at the ceiling–for daylighting, while covering most of the window for privacy and energy efficiency. This feature is an amazing way to block the light and heat of our Texas summer without feeling like you’re cooped up.

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living room with gray top down shades


Windows stay mostly covered, but the sun streams in across the ceiling. We call it daylighting, and it’s a well-loved feature of top down shades. The direct sunlight and frustrating glare is kept at bay, but the room is bright. It’s a winning combination, and it also keeps you from using excess overhead lighting.

front entry with window shades on narrow windows down from the top


You love the view out, but maybe not the view in. Top down shades keep your private life your own, while revealing beautiful sky views. No matter which direction your windows face, whether street-facing or neighbor-facing, you’ll experience comfort and ample natural light at the same time.

window shades in varying positions on the windows

Custom Adjustments

One window needs to be covered to keep out the heat. Another one needs to block the view into the house. And the other one? Coverage helps to keep the glare off of your screens. Each and every window can feature the custom adjustments you need to be comfortable and happy.

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