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Tilt Rods

plantation shutter options for streamline standard wood shutters Austin TX

Standard Rear Tilt on Streamline Shutters

Our Streamline Shutters collection is simplified, bringing the beauty and durability of shutter panels into your Austin area home at an economical price point. These shutters come with a standard rear tilt rod, offering a beautiful clear view. This means there is a metal linkage on the rear louver edge of Streamline shutter panels. However, when the louvers are closed, there is a slight light gap. See our Flagship Shutters to improve light control shutters options…

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center tilt rod for shutter options plantation shutters Austin TX

Center Tilt Rod

Center Tilt is also commonly known as Front Tilt. This is the standard tilt rod for our wood shutters. It consists of one wooden rod with a continuous metal linkage, attached to each louver by staples, positioned in the center of the shutter panel. Often considered a more traditional look for plantation shutter options, the Center Tilt Rod offers timeless style.

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custom hardwood shutters with single tilt rod Austin TX

Horizon Solo Single Side Tilt Rod

(Exclusive to Austin Window Fashions)

Horizon Solo offers the contemporary appeal of the side tilt rod, featuring a single, contoured tilt rod–only on one edge of the louvers. This tilt rod is always on the hinged side of the panel, on the front of the shutter panel. Like all customization, the shutter options you choose must fit the style and function of your home. When in place, the side with the tilt rod tends to block the light gap more than the side without the tilt rod. If using this customization for room darkening, or if the asymmetrical look of a single tilt rod would draw your eye, the Horizon Dual Side Tilt Rods will be a better option for your plantation shutters.

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plantation shutters clear view through side tilt rods shutter options Austin TX

Horizon Dual Side Tilt Rods

(Exclusive to Austin Window Fashions)

For a more contemporary look, the side tilt rod option is a very popular choice. Horizon Dual Side Tilt Rods leave the view-through unobstructed and clear. One tilt rod is positioned on each side of the louvers, offering landscape views when the louvers are open, which fits well with a modern design aesthetic. The tilt rods are both contoured to overlap the vertical stiles, providing increased light blocking when the louvers are completely closed.

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single tilt rod for plantation shutters Austin TX

Mirage Solo Single Side Rear Tilt Rod

(Exclusive to Austin Window Fashions)

The Mirage Solo is a new stye of tilt rod that is just coming to market. It’s similar to the Horizon Solo, but it’s on the back side of the shutter panel. It consists of one tilt rod in the rear, at one edge of the louvers, on the hinged side of the panel. This is a truly superior alternative to everybody else’s aluminum strip up the back of the shutter, as you get a contoured wood rod with the embedded aluminum linkage for strength and stability. It’s a great alternative for those who prefer the rear-tilt option, but has the same drawback where the one side tilt rod will cover the light gap, leaving the light gap on the other side more noticeable. If this is a concern to you, the Mirage Dual might be the perfect solution with rear-tilt and dual light-blocking, contoured tilt rods. And, it’s only available at Austin Window Fashions.

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mirage dual tilt rod shutter options painted shutters Austin TX

Mirage Dual Rear Tilt Rods

(Exclusive to Austin Window Fashions)

Another contemporary design choice, Mirage Dual Rear Tilt Rods are mounted on the rear side of your shutters–on both edges of the louvers. This provides a clean, open look with no visible tilt-rods on the front of the shutter. You also have complete privacy when closed. The dual tilt rods are contoured to cover the gap between the louvers and side-stiles, blocking an average 99.99% of direct light. This rear tilt rod option is exclusive to Austin Window Fashions. And, it’s superior to other rear tilt systems offered by competitors because of the light-blocking feature. The competitor’s clear view option is just a thin metal rod that leaves the light gap on both sides of the louvers, just like a center tilt rod does.

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Premium Design Choices

premium design choices painted wood shutters Austin TX

Painted Wood Shutters

Our painted wood shutters are finished with customer selected or custom color-matched paint. High quality, 100% acrylic, water-based paint is used. Because these plantation shutters and primed and painted with top quality paint, you’ll experience long-lasting durability with the finish. It’s also because of the process. Drying faster than oil-based paint, this forms a harder finish to stand up better over time. Water-based paint prevents yellowing, fading and chalking. The color will stay much longer. And, with water-based paint, you avoid the use of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) chemical off-gassing, meaning low odor and leaving no harmful chemicals in your home. As a company, we appreciate how water-based paint is more environmentally friendly–the clean up process does not require costly, toxic and potentially dangerous chemicals.

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premium shutter option stained wood shutters Austin TX

Stained Wood Shutters

Carefully selected to reflect the beauty of smooth, wood grain, our Stained Shutters add a beautiful finish to Austin area homes. Custom color-matched stained shutters are ideal when coordinating the look of your home, especially when you want to bring out the beauty of other wood featured in the space. Our color-match ensures that your stained shutters will look original to the home. We use water-based stains for the same reasons that we use water-based paints.

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split tilt plantation shutters on bedroom window in Austin TX

Split Tilt Shutters

The split tilt feature of plantation shutters is a popular choice. With our Texas sunshine, you can block the heat from entering at the bottom portion of the window, while adjusting the top portion open to bring in natural light. This feature keeps the sun out of your eyes while you try to relax, yet doesn’t darken your home. Another benefit of split tilt allows you to enjoy the light and treetop views without outside foot traffic seeing into your home.

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  • installer putting together a custom shutter

Local Installation, Professional Installers

Professionally Installed Shutters.

Your custom wooden shutters will be professionally installed by a member of our installation team. We measure for them, we build them–you can trust that we take the installation of your shutters very seriously. We want to ensure that your Austin area home is treated with professional care. Our installers can answer questions and show you what’s possible with your new window treatments!

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