Our Best Roman Shades

Within the home design industry, there are a few window covering products that offer timeless style. Roman shades, also referred to as roman blinds, are in that category. To stay current, window shade products must evolve with new design trends and lifestyle innovations. The Hunter Douglas suite of window shades has risen to the challenge. Discover how the best roman shades will elevate the look of your home and create an atmosphere you’ll never want to be away from.

Add Texture with Window Treatments

It’s the little things that make a house a home. Professional designers find ways to add subtle touches that make a huge impact. One of those little things is texture. A hot trend right now is adding texture to your space through window treatments. Woven romans can bring low-profile dimension to your space through organic fibers and natural materials. They also function as true roman shades by allowing a beautiful outdoor view when raised and privacy when in the closed position. To open, romans gather up into folds and rise to the top of the window, to close they release and cascade down the window flattening out.

features of bamboo shades for your austin space
Provenance® Woven Woods


best roman shades for texture in austin tx
Alustra® Woven Textures™


The Modern Roman

Innovation is key, and the best roman shades have transformed over time. Our Hunter Douglas collection of romans has been redesigned to include a modern take on the traditional style roman shade. The Vignette Modern Roman Shades collection offers the well-loved folds of romans but in a crisp, uniform design for today’s contemporary home. When lowered, the beautiful shaped folds adds to the aesthetic of your current space.  

custom roman shades on bay window in Austin TX bedroom
Vignette® Modern Romans

As you discover the many benefits, styles and functions of the best roman shades for your home, don’t miss rolling romans. Available through the Vignette Modern Roman Shades collection, you can get the operation of a roller shade with the style of romans. If you choose rolling romans, you’ll enjoy your shades rolling up into the headrail instead of stacking at the top of the window. This look includes simple, continual folds that stay in place as the shade rolls up.

olive color window shades floor to ceiling with view through to the outdoor patio
Vignette® Modern Roman Shade Collection

For a sleek look, the flat front design of Vignettes can have that sought-after “knife pleat” look that is best added with battens that provide visual interest, but they are low profile–similar to a roller shade. These two versions of window shades look similar from a distance, but the details are different up close. Choose your favorite. 

Roller vs Roman in living room austin, tx home
Vignette® Modern Roman Shade Collection


Reinvent Traditional Style

We’ve explored the reasons roman shades are a timeless way to decorate your windows for beauty and function. Traditional romans feature fabrics in solids, prints or patterns, that are versatile and coordinate with the interior style of any space. There are a number of fold styles for these fabric romans. If traditional romans are you window treatment of choice, make selections about the way you want your fold to appear and choose fabrics you’ll love. 

custom roman shades by hunter douglas
Custom Roman Shades


The Best Roman Shades of Today

Now that you know what’s available in the window covering industry, you’re well informed to choose the best roman shades for your space. Whether you prefer a traditional style roman, or you like the idea of adding texture to your home, our design experts are here to evaluate your needs, consider your challenges and design a look that’s right for you! Get in touch with us for a FREE consultation this summer! We can’t wait to hear from you.