Our Guide to Window Treatments for Every Room

If you’re searching for window coverings, you already know the process can become overwhelming. So many details, choices, designs…how does one person keep it all straight? They bring in the experts, of course! The best thing you can do when shopping window treatments for every room of your home–or even just one–is to meet with a window covering specialist. We can make it fun! After chatting with you, we’ll go room-by-room to find out how you use the spaces and the details that matter. Need to get the wheels turning on your own home?


Start at the Entry

The entryway sets the tone for the rest of your home. What’s the ideal combination? Many clients like ample privacy with a solid amount of natural light to brighten the space. And, we take into consideration that some homes feature hard-to-reach windows here. With custom window treatments, you can easily have the atmosphere you want with the solutions you need.

entryway plantation shutters window treatments for arched windows Austin TX
O’hair Wood Shutters


Head to the Kitchen

It’s the one room that sees constant traffic all day long. The kitchen could easily be the hardest working room in your home. Designing the atmosphere to ensure comfort with lead to a more successful day. Consider the placement of the windows–and which direction they face. Invite natural light for mood-enhancing positivity, but protect the environment from exhausting heat and direct rays.

kitchen window shades Hunter Douglas pirouette shades Austin 78731
Pirouette® Window Shades


Customize the Dining Room

We’ve seen a shift in the way families are using the dining room. Some have turned it into a different room altogether. Others use it continually over the course of the day for various activities. And, some still style it beautifully–using it for special occasions and Sunday dinners. No matter the function, it’s important to choose solutions that fit the function of the space. Oftentimes, this room is part of an open floor plan design. But, not to worry–many of our window treatments can carry the same style without being exactly the same.

Modern dining room with floor to ceiling privacy sheers in the Austin 78738
Luminette® Privacy Sheers


Relax in the Living Room

The great room, the living room, the family room. You might call it something special in your home–or, you might have all three! When deciding on window treatments for every room in your home, a relaxing family space is a great place to create. These rooms are commonly used for a variety of activities. They can also feature large windows–sometimes high up on the wall, or spanning wide spaces.

window treatments for every room cover a range of function in Austin TX homes
Silhouette® Window Shades

A great way to continually change the environment to meet the ever-changing needs is with smart features. From quiet morning reading, to movie time in the evening, your living room can go from light & airy to blissful darkness in an instant.

dark colored top-down bottom-up shades in modern living room
Duette® LightLock™ Honeycomb Shades


Enjoy Simplicity in the Bathrooms

The most important feature of bathroom window coverings? Most people think of privacy. While it’s true privacy is the reason you need coverage, we have a feature that is WAY more important. We say simple adjustments are best! Being able to quickly and easily adjust the window coverings is vital to accessing privacy–no matter who is making the adjustments. Think about children and guests–they need simplicity. Consider your mater bath–does the tub block you from adjusting the window shade?

Design Studio Window Treatments for bathroom custom roman shades Austin TX
Design Studio® Roman Shades


Get Better Sleep in the Bedrooms

Have we saved the best for last? It’s no secret that homeowners want room darkening features in the bedrooms of their homes. Sleep better, sleep longer. Isn’t that what we all want? But, we like to challenge you to take it a step further–because we know you’ll be happier. What about the times you’re not sleeping? If you spend any amount of time in your bedroom, you can imagine that the cave-like vibe won’t make you feel your best. Let’s chat about features that can provide a good night’s sleep while also delivering an energy-boosting atmosphere during the day. 

bedroom room darkening blinds showing half open half closed Austin TX
Silhouette® Shades with Duolite® & PowerView® Automation



Explore Window Treatments for Every Room…

Maybe you’re shopping window treatments for every room. Or, maybe you’re looking to cover just one window. No matter which describes you best, you should get exactly what you need to improve the overall look and feel of your home. Let’s schedule a time to sit down and chat about your ideal atmosphere, and we’ll help you decide which window coverings will suit you and your family. Get in touch with our team at Austin Window Fashions for your FREE consultation.