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One of the important decisions you’ll make when ordering shutters for your home is what style of tilt-rod you want on your shutters. Here is some information about the features and benefits of the different tilt-rod options we offer at Window Fashions of Texas.

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Center tilt is the standard tilt rod that comes on our wood plantation shutters if you don’t specify any other style of tilt rod. It consists of one wooden rod with a continuous metal linkage attached to each louver by staples, positioned in the center of the panel. It’s often considered a more traditional look for plantation shutters.

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Horizon dual side tilt-rods (Exclusive to Austin Window Fashions)

The Horizon side tilt-rod option is one of the most popular upgrades and has many benefits over the standard center tilt-rod. Horizon consists of two tilt-rods, one positioned on each side of the louvers. This leaves an uninterrupted view when the louvers are open, which fits well with a modern design aesthetic. The tilt rods are both contoured to overlap the vertical stiles, which provides nice light blocking when the louvers are completely closed.

kitchen white shutters with tilt rod Hunter Douglas Austin 78758

Horizon Solo single side tilt-rod (Exclusive to Austin Window Fashions )

The Horizon Solo tilt-rod is a single contoured tilt-rod only on one edge of the louvers (on the hinge side of the panel) on the front of the shutter panel. This option is fine in the right situation, but sometimes customers are disappointed in selecting the Horizon Solo because the one contoured tilt-rods blocks the light gap on the one side, which makes it even more noticeable that there is a natural light gap on the other side. Upgrading to the Horizon Dual tilt-rods is a better choice if the light gaps at the edges of the louvers are a concern.

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Mirage Dual rear tilt-rods (Exclusive to Austin Window Fashions)

Mirage Dual rear tilt-rods are mounted on the rear side of the shutter on both edges of the louvers. This provides a clean, open contemporary look with no visible tilt-rods on the front of the shutter, and complete privacy when closed. The dual tilt-rods are contoured to cover the gap between the louvers and side-stiles, blocking an average 99.99% of direct light. This rear tilt-rod option is exclusive to Window Fashions of Texas and is superior to other rear tilt systems offered by competitors because of the light-blocking feature. The competitor’s clear view option is just a thin metal rod that leaves the light gap on both sides of the louvers, just like a center tilt-rod would.

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Mirage Solo single side rear-tilt rod (Exclusive to Austin Window Fashions)

The Mirage Solo is a new stye of tilt-rod that is just coming to market. It’s just like the Horizon Solo, but on the back side of the shutter panel. It consists of one tilt-rod in the rear at one edge of the louvers on the hinge side of the panel. This is a truly superior alternative to everybody else’s aluminum strip up the back as you get a contoured wood rod with the embedded aluminum linkage for strength and stability. It’s a great alternative for those who prefer the rear-tilt option, but has the same drawback where the one side tilt-rod will cover the light gap, leaving the  light gap on the other side more plainly obvious. If this is a concern to you, the Mirage Dual might be the perfect solution with rear-tilt and dual light blocking contoured tilt-rods- and it’s only available at Window Fashions of Texas.

So when ordering new plantation shutters for your home, talk to your knowledgeable Design Consultant about the pros and cons of all the different tilt-rod styles available to help choose the best one for your windows.

Here’s a handy tilt-rod cheat sheet:

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