The Best Room Darkening Features for Back-to-School & Beyond

How’s your summer been? Did you get your fill of late sunsets, backyard BBQs, and fun-filled local events? Are you ready to see backpacks swing over shoulders and start the school routine again? Transitioning to the school year schedule can be tough–not just for your kids, but for you too! The best room darkening features can really help. Nights of restorative sleep, days of comfortable light, and effortless convenience can all be yours! Here’s how…

Dark & Dreamy Sleep

It’s no secret that getting a good night’s sleep is essential for school success. The secret seems to lie in how exactly to make that happen! Bumping up bedtime is usually where every parent starts. The problem is that the sun doesn’t go to bed an hour earlier! And, streetlights and passing cars aren’t clued into your plans for sweet dreams. While you can’t control everything that happens outside, you can control the light that comes in.

bedroom blackout no light gap woven wood shades Hunter Douglas Austin 78758

The best room darkening features block as much light as possible. Custom-fit window coverings ensure the smallest light gap and the darkness everyone needs for high-quality Zzzs.

Comfortable Daytime Light

It’s true that darkness is crucial for great sleep, but you certainly don’t want it to be totally dark all the time! Natural light boosts your energy and your mood. Letting it in helps you start your day off right and recharges your whole family after long hours of working and learning.

best room darkening for back to school alustra duette top down bottom up honeycomb shades Hunter Douglas Austin 78758

The best room darkening features don’t just block light. They provide solutions for comfortable daylighting and privacy as well. Top down bottom up shades can bring light in at the top and secure your privacy below. Dual shades can filter light while a secondary shade is always ready to slip into place for blackout. And our Designer Banded Shades can instantly transform a space from darkness to light with one quick rotation.

best room darkening features blue banded shades Hunter Douglas Austin 78758

Regular Schedules

Relaxed schedules are one of the perks of summertime. But it can be a real adjustment, for everyone, to get back on a regular schedule when school rolls around again. Mornings get hectic, and then there’s practices, after-school activities, and homework to juggle. The best room darkening features take care of themselves–so you don’t have to!

blackout dual shades bedroom Hunter Douglas Austin 78758

With PowerView motorization, you can save your favorite settings and program your window coverings to move automatically throughout the day according to your schedule. Without even a thought from you, shades open when everyone needs to wake up, adjust to ensure energy-efficiency during the day, and close for tuck-in time at night.

You Deserve The Best Room Darkening Features

You and your family deserve the best. Here at Austin Window Fashions, we care about your well-being and the environment of your home. Our team would love to share more about how the best room darkening features can enhance all of your spaces and your life! We’ll show you the benefits that the right window covering solutions can bring during back-to-school season and beyond. Contact our team for a free, in-home consultation today!