The Color of the Year 2024: Get Inspired with Peach Fuzz

We love BIG announcements around here, and today, we have a HUGE one! The Color of the Year for 2024 has been chosen by our friends at the Pantone Color Institute and we are excited to share the news. Introducing Peach Fuzz, isn’t the name darling? This soft, velvety hue lives up to its charmful title and is ready for its debut.

Hot Topic

The color of the year is always a hot topic and this year is no exception. Apparently, the “peach” choice can be a very controversial color, with fans either loving or hating the selection. For a laugh, just take a look at the social media comments. But, don’t believe the naysayers! Browse the photos we’ve put together highlighting the peach family, and imagine the possibilities. We are sure you’ll find an incredible shade of the color of the year 2024 that is perfect for your home.

New Wave Cabinetry

Peach cabinets. Why not? Look at this incredible kitchen, it features colorful cabinets creating a very retro vibe, perfect for Austin. Paired with sleek barstools and a posh marble backsplash, this kitchen is at the height of modern design trends.

kitchen in the color of the year in austin

Don’t Forget the Lights

The inspiration of Peach Fuzz can be found in subtle places too. For a cool splash of chic design, these rose-colored copper globes are perfect in the dining space below. A painted accent wall and peachy chairs complement the design and bring it all together. 

rose gold resembles the color of the year in austin kitchen

Level Up Walls

Add a fresh perspective to any space by painting a wall with the color of the year! Any version of peach will do or go for a more sophisticated look with a feature wall. This ombre painted mural takes the bedroom design to the next level. 

ombre wall in the color of the year in austin
Evolution of Color Pairings

Traditional color pairings are a great jumping off point, but look how these common combinations can inspire new looks. With a simple exchange of red for peach, the classic black, white & red color combo gives off a softer, lighter vibe. The results are incredible.

red, black and peach in austin

How About Windows?

This year the window covering industry hit the jackpot with the color of the year. Any shade within the peach family is an amazing choice for window treatments. The soft, warm tones of Peach Fuzz make it a simple choice and it will not overpower the rest of the room. Add a variation of peach to your window coverings and see what a difference a hint of color can make. 

window coverings in the color of the year
Applause® Honeycomb Shades

Color of the Year 2024: Where Will it Take You?

Peach Fuzz isn’t for everyone. Or is it? We believe some version of the color of the year has potential in any home. Get in touch with our window covering specialists and ask for a FREE in-home estimate. We can discuss everything from home decor choices to window solutions and how color, texture and patterns can transform your home into something incredible.