5 Steps to Take for an Organized Home

As we continue to settle into the new year, the desire for a clean slate becomes hard to ignore. If you wish to have an organized home, why not start today? We have five tips that work in most situations that will help you on this journey! Let’s get started.

5 Steps Towards an Organized Home

  • Don’t try to tackle the whole house at once. Start by doing one space at a time.
  • Just remove everything. Trust us. You’ll thank yourself for this later.
  • Do not feel guilty about throwing away items that are expired or broken. If there are items that remain in good condition, donate them! 
  • Categorization is a must. Do this by grouping similar items. It’s really helpful when you come across pieces that don’t have a clear-cut category.
  • Utilize baskets, containers, and any type of storage bin. This will make it easy once you reintroduce them into your home.

Renew Your Closet Space 

How many times have you had company come over, and you quickly shove stray items into the closet intending to deal with it later? This isn’t that uncommon. Closets often turn into a dumping ground, but they’re an important step to achieving an organized home. As you begin this process, you’ll find that simplifying, decluttering, and sorting is the name of the game. Introduce various containers for storage. Whether you prefer woven baskets or clear containers, the choice is up to you and your style. 

Built in shelving within a closet with baskets that fit perfectly into space

Improve Your Entryway

As you envision your entryway, you probably picture a neat area where guests are welcomed. However, the entryway we’re focusing on is where daily life unfolds. It is where you kick off your shoes as soon as you come home, backpacks are dropped, and pet leashes are placed. This area doesn’t have the formality, but it’s highly trafficked, so why not make it a functional space?

A neutral tone mudroom with sandy brown built ins, hooks with purses and hats and a tile floor


Every item deserves a spot. Keep this in mind as you breathe new life into this space. Install hooks for hats, backpacks, and winter coats. Add shelving so boots and shoes have a place to reside. If you are looking to add your style, pick out some baskets that can house your pet’s leashes and other regularly used items. It’s small changes like this that can have the greatest impact on a space. 

Organize the Toy Room

Welcoming kids into your life does bring a touch of messiness. If you’ve been feverishly searching the internet for the best tips and tricks to maintain an organized home, look no further! Indeed, the child-induced mess won’t last forever. However, there are ways to implement the five rules so the toy room remains clean and orderly. 

A kids playroom with built in bookshelves, a white teepee and baskets of toys

Do you find that toys end up strewn across the floor as they search for something to play with? Our tip is to store these toys away for awhile. Then, reintroduce them to your children. There’s a chance that one of the toys that was on the floor will become a new favorite. Who knows, it could even earn a spot on the bookshelf going forward.

Become Efficient 

Natural light streaming in gives a clean feel to a home. You’ll feel energized and ready to tackle the projects at hand. However, too much can leave you feeling drained. The good news is that our team at Austin Window Fashions is here to help you find the perfect balance.

Alustra® Woven Textures®
Alustra® Woven Textures®

If you’re ready to dive in, whether that be controlling the natural light or ensuring that the darkest corners of your home receive sunshine, contact our team today to schedule a FREE consultation. We will help you find the ideal window coverings for your spaces as you refresh for the new year!