Incredible Living Room Design Ideas

The living room is a central room in the home, a space that should feel welcoming, comfortable and stylish, too. We can help get you there by creating a living room design fit for entertaining guests and making family memories. Our ideas will unite current design concepts with window covering features that solve window issues and look incredible in your home. Let’s get started… 

First, Furniture

Is it time for new living room furniture? Make sure you measure before making any final decisions. Furniture that’s too large or too small may look out of place in the room. Choose a couch as your main piece, and add two extra seats. Place them in a way that creates an opportunity for easy conversation. 

decorate seasonally and create a staycation vibe in Austin, tx
Provenance® Woven Woods

An Area Rug Is Key

Now that your furniture is placed, an area rug will make the room come together. The rug size should be large enough to accommodate the furniture–or at least the front section of each piece. Also, give thought to the material you choose for the rug. A woven rug may bring texture and style to your space, but if you’re looking for comfort, something plush is best. Before deciding, ask yourself, how will the room be used? If you have children in the home, they may make use of floor to play games or watch movies if you make the rug soft and cozy enough. 

window treatments for every room cover a range of function in Austin TX homes
Silhouette® Window Shades

Intentional Lighting

Once your living room design is refreshed, it will be used by everyone in your home. With intentional lighting, you can create a multi-functional space. A great way to bring vibrant light into a darker area is with recessed lighting. From there, some clients choose a ceiling fan to add additional light. By adding levels of lighting to specific areas in the room, you give those spaces purpose. Consider table lamps for warmth, floor lamps to brighten a reading nook, or sconces to highlight portraits hung on the wall. Lighting elevates the look of any room and gives it a designer feel. 

arched windows with gray shades on bottom with bare top portion
Applause® Honeycomb Shades

The Window Treatment Effect 

Window treatments can be the frosting on the cake when it comes to living room design. Draperies are a beautiful way to frame your windows, or bring height to the room–not to mention the color, pattern & texture they add. Consider layering draperies with other shades for an elevated design. Sky’s the limit with living room window treatment features. Our window covering professionals at Austin Window Fashions can help create a cozy feeling. 

dramatic gray bathroom with custom window treatments, layered roman shades with side draperies for privacy and light control
Custon Drapery & Fabric Roman Shades 

Plantation shutters are a very popular option for living rooms in the Austin area. Homeowners love the split tilt feature that welcomes light in through the top of the window, while the bottom portion delivers privacy. Another design element that is well-loved is how stunning they look in open floor plans. They can be customized for any shape window, a variety of sizes and uses–for large windows or even doors–and they look beautifully coordinated across shared spaces.

Shutters are the perfect addition when it comes time to decorate your Austin home.

Window treatments not only add style to living room design, but function as well. They can also solve any window issues you’ve noticed over the years, such as light control or privacy. Now that you’re updating your living room design, it’s the perfect time to address any concerns with these window covering solutions.  

large foyer floor to ceiling windows
Duette® Honeycomb Shades

If your living room will be used as a media space, you’ll need shades with a range of control. Dual Shades are the perfect product when you’d like darkness in an instant. Enjoy filtered light with a view, up until it’s lights, camera, action time! Drop the secondary blackout shade into place and enjoy a movie theater experience. 

living room design with dual shades
Designer Roller Shades with Duolite®

Get more out of your living room design than just updated style! With these suggestions, you can create a functional space the whole family can enjoy. Window treatment can help solve window issues and provide better function in your space as well. Get together with your window covering specialist at Austin Window Fashions to create your dream living room design today. Reach out to us for your FREE in-home consultation.