Learn the FAQs of Smart Blinds

It’s smart to begin any home project by first learning from the FAQs! If you’re ready to embrace the latest innovations in window coverings, smart blinds and other automated window coverings are key elements in your search. The experts at Austin Window Fashions are sharing their knowledge and addressing popular questions our clients tend to ask when researching powered blinds.   

Which Window Coverings Can Be Automated?

Automated window treatments have been around for some time, but only recently did they become available in so many varieties. It’s safe to say that most window coverings today can be created with automation! Think about that for a minute: You can design your blinds, shades and drapery to have motorized components. In the process of designing your smart home, don’t be confused by the different names used to reference window covering automation. You’ll hear them referred to as smart shades, motorized drapes and everything in between. 

choosing motorized blinds or smart shades

What’s the Difference Between Them All?

A great reference for a better understanding of the difference between smart shades, remote blinds and automated drapes, one of our recent article dives into the variations, features and capabilities. You’ll read that these window coverings have a lot in common: They all have motors that operate the adjustments and none of them can be manually adjusted. After taking a closer look, you’ll begin to understand that it’s the features that create the differences. The control ranges from instant adjustments and simple push buttons, all the way to voice command and scheduling through your smart device. 

How Does the App Work?

Hunter Douglas has been a leader in the industry, with a goal of providing a user-friendly app experience. This is partly the reason Hunter Douglas has such high ratings. To make sure clients can access the features of their shades in a simple and effective way, Hunter Douglas is continually updating the app. Watch this:


Are They Plug In?

Good question. There are two ways to power automated window coverings, hardwiring them or using batteries. If your home is under construction, hardwiring low voltage wiring is simple. Running electrical can be an efficient choice if you prefer not to use batteries.  

What about Battery Powered Shades?

For most homeowners, batteries are a fine choice. Remote blinds use very little power–even if you adjust your shades twice a day, your batteries should last up to two years. If you prefer a more sustainable choice, Hunter Douglas offers a rechargeable battery wand made to fit with the headrail of motorized shades, eliminating the need for disposable batteries.

hunter douglas rechargeable battery wand san antonio tx
Rechargeable Battery Wand for Hunter Douglas Shades


How Long Can Motorized Shades Expect to Last?

We are happy to report that motorized shades and blinds last longer. Without the touch of human hands (and little fingers), they stay clean and function longer. Makes sense, right? 

Are Remote Control Blinds Loud?

Not at all. You should expect to hear a low humming sound while they are moving into place. Other than that, they are quiet as a whisper. 

app for automated shades
EverWood® with PowerView® Automation


How Much Do Motorized Shades Cost?

No doubt, one of the FAQs is about the cost of motorized shades. This is an important factor with any home improvement project and something to consider when determining which operating features are a good fit. Investing in your home can be costly, but window treatments from a top quality brand like Hunter Douglas will increase the value of your home and automated shades will make it extra appealing to buyers. These are the main factors that contribute to the cost of smart shades: 

  • The type of window shades you choose
  • The amount of window coverings you need
  • Added features (top down, dual shades)
  • Which type of automation (individual window/wand, remote control, smart home integration)

Hunter Douglas shades are compatible with the most common smart home systems, like Control4, Elan, Logitech and more. You can easily control them with Alexa and Siri, too. Keep in mind, depending on the brand, you may need additional components if you choose smart home integration. 

Don’t Miss Out on the “Hidden Savings” of Smart Blinds.

Know all the facts before you make a decision on automated window coverings. The cost is a valid consideration, but so are the savings of money–and time. When we talk with past clients, the first thing they say is they wish they’d added automated shades earlier. They wonder how anyone lives without them. Clients also mention:

  • How easy it is to maintain interior temperatures with scheduled or instant adjustments
  • The increased security they feel at night or on vacation with automatic adjustments
  • How simple it is to bring in natural light instead of using overhead lights
  • The time they save adjusting multiple windows
  • Hard-to-reach window shade adjustments are a breeze
smart shades in austin
Duette® Honeycomb Shades with PowerView® Automation


The Most Important Considerations?

Now that you’re seriously considering smart shades, there are a variety of places you can buy smart shades, but be weary. Choose a company you can trust. We have been in this business a long time and have the experience necessary to offer you a seamless transition to smart shades. As with any technology, you may find yourself in need of support. From design to installation we are here to answer any questions you may have.  Allow us to walk you through the process. The results will exceed your expectations. And, we’ll be here for you long after the installation. Get started today, schedule a FREE home consultation.