Keep Your Home Cool this Summer

The countdown to summer is on! Be prepared to keep your home cool by keeping the heat at bay. You’d be surprised at the many ways your home may gain heat. It’s important to stay ahead of it with the right protection. We can walk you through the process of preparing your home for comfort this summer with our favorite energy efficient treatments. Battle the heat with us.

Heat Transfer Turns up the Heat

The term heat transfer is what makes certain areas of your home warmer than others, especially during the summer. Covering your windows is a good start to preventing this, but not all window coverings are created equal. We have a variety of options that will give you the flexibility you’d like throughout the summer months and the protection you need. Enjoy a summer morning with a little sunshine, and when it gets too warm, block the rays with treatments. Sounds simple enough, right? There are 3 types of heat transfer that can negatively affect the comfort level of your home. It’s our job to help you understand it so you can take steps to prevent it. 


Heat that is not felt in the air, but on a surface, is radiant heat. When a surface heats up indoors there is nowhere for the hot air to go, so it warms your home. This creates “hot spots,” favorite places for our furry friends.


Convection is moving air. This type of heat transfer will bring heat to a cool window on a hot day, and carry heat away on a cool day. Because interior air has less movement than outside, it can seem stuffy on warm days. The proper insulation will provide a barrier to keep interior temps from being affected. 


This method is the transfer of heat through a solid object. Think about how a window heats up from the sun on a hot day, and then transfers that heat inside. To keep your home cool, insulation is important in this scenario, too. Stop the heat before it comes inside.

bare windows in a kitchen with bright sunlight on every surface

How to Prevent Heat Gain

You already have the answer! To avoid heat gain, and keep your home cool this summer, you’ll need insulation, a.k.a window coverings. Heat gain is the direct result of heat transfer, and homeowners must take the proper measures. You’ll need to create a barrier between exterior and interior air temps to avoid co-mingling. Window shades can block the sun and reduce radiant heat, too! The photo above shows a home completely exposed to the elements, allowing the air to heat up. Don’t let this happen to your home this summer. Use shades as a barrier like this…

beige honeycomb shades on tall kitchen windows will keep your home cool in Austin summers
Duette® Honeycomb Shades


A Star in Energy Efficient Shades

An industry favorite for energy efficient shades are the Honeycombs. Their unique cellular structure, with air pocket technology, creates a barrier that traps air, reducing the effects of heat transfer in your home. Honeycomb shades trap air and keep it from interfering with the controlled temps inside. This way, extreme temperatures stay outside where they belong. 

vertical view of honeycomb shade detail
Duette® Honeycomb Shades

Another favorite? Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades, which work similarly with the cellular air-pocket concept, but they add a roller shade operating feature. These shades help block out unwanted heat, but roll out of the way when not in use.

blue cabinetry and modern bar area with large picture windows and shades
Sonnette® Cellular Roller Shades

For years, Draperies have been the first line of defense as a way to keep your home cool. Today, they can be customized to better fit the amount of sunshine your home receives, using specific fabric weight or liners.

urban austin, tx apartment with large custom window treatments

Plantation Shutters work well in reducing air flow and act as a barrier against harsh sunlight. When they are slightly opened, light can enter, but they can be adjusted to avoid direct contact with surfaces–so no heat transfer. They frame the window, reducing the air flow, even with the louvers adjusted open. 

beige bedroom ohair shutters austin window fashions cedar park TX
Wood Shutters

Another efficient barrier is the Roman Shade. The fabric folds insulate the window, reducing heat transfer. This slows down the effect of warming up the interior temps. For added style, romans are offered in a variety of different folding options, and we can help you choose a favorite. 

seating area next to window with shade partially lifted showing outdoors
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades


Lastly, the Sheer Shades possess a unique reflective quality. They reflect the sun back outside, reducing heat transfer. The best part is that you don’t lose your view of the outdoors. 

before and after keep your home cool in texas
Silhouette® Window Shades


Keep Your (Home) Cool!

We want you to love your home all year round. Keeping your home comfortable is important. By learning the basics of heat gain and heat transfer, you now have the knowledge to make the best choices for the window treatments in your home. Window coverings will improve the look of your Austin home, but the effect they have on comfort is incredible. Invite us to visit your home and provide a FREE consultation. We have your best interest in mind and can help you achieve your “dream home” goals.