The Key to a Successful Staycation

Unlock the possibilities of a staycation this year (Don’t worry, you can still plan an actual vacation). But for now, let’s concentrate on creating staycation vibes within your home. Our designers can help transform your space into a relaxing retreat with all the amenities of a proper vacation.

Take Your Own Advice

Wondering what to do in Austin this weekend? Be a tourist for the day. That’s right, pretend you’re new in town and hit all the “must-sees” you may recommend to those who visit. When was the last time you were at The Zilker Botanical Gardens or saw the Congress Bridge Bats? There is so much your own city has to offer, it could keep you exploring all summer long. The bonus to a staycation is sleeping in your own bed at night!

zilker botanical garden


Outdoor Expansion

If you’re looking for instant vacation vibes, your outdoor space is where it’s at. Style your patio like a trendy new restaurant, begin the day outside with fresh coffee and dine by candlelight in the evenings. Improving your outdoor space is an incredible way to expand your living space and increase the value of your home at the same time. Doesn’t a staycation sound wonderful? 

outdoor gazebo in your staycation in austin
Backyard Makeover

And, if a backyard oasis is what you’ve been dreaming of, don’t forget the importance of patio shades. These areas are wonderful additions to homes, but with the intensity of our Texas sun, shielding the light is vital. They also make great screens to keep the bugs away while you’re spending time outdoors.

black exterior shades on outdoor patio area

Everyday Retreat 

How can you really achieve staycation vibes at home? Try living life like you’re on vacation. Get out of your normal routine; have your house cleaned, go for a massage, buy fresh flowers. But don’t stop there, treat yourself. Why not hire a local band to play in your backyard or a private chef to prepare dinner in your kitchen? Whatever stress-free activity comes to mind, do it! Incorporate fun activities into your everyday life to create a staycation that lasts longer than just a week. 

hired chef for your staycation in austin, tx
Jonathan Borba


A Restful Night’s Sleep

Was it the down-filled bedding? The memory foam pillows? The blackout shades? If you’re still wondering how you slept so when while on vacation, stop wondering and begin recreating the experience in your own bedroom.

bedroom room darkening blinds showing half open half closed Austin TX
Silhouette® Shades with Duolite® Dual Shades

Sleep is so important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, make it a priority. We can help you create an atmosphere that promotes healthy sleep habits for the whole family. With our extensive line of room darkening and black out shades, you’ll get restful sleep where you want when you want. What a dream come true. 

All About the Atmosphere

A Staycation vibe is all about the atmosphere you create. For some clients, it’s a calm and relaxing atmosphere, for others, a staycation has a bit more energy. No matter what you like, creating the right feel is important in every home. You won’t regret putting the effort in to make the necessary accommodations. 

woven textures on corner windows in austin tx
Alustra® Woven Textures®


Refresh Your Home

Just as vacations rejuvenate us, refreshing your home will breathe new life into it. An easy way to do this is seasonally and by allowing nature to come inside. In spring and summer, display fresh flowers and prepare healthy meals with fresh fruits and veggies. During the fall and winter when nights cool down, make your home cozy with blankets and warm aromas. These quick adjustments will create staycation vibes all year.  

decorate seasonally and create a staycation vibe in Austin, tx
Provenance® Woven Woods

It would be our pleasure to create staycation vibes in your home for you. Our experts understand how to create the perfect atmosphere with window coverings as their secret weapon. Love your home so much, you may never want to go on vacation again. Schedule a time for us to visit for a FREE in-home estimate or come to one of our showrooms in the Austin area and see what we have to offer.