Living with Pets? Top Window Treatment Considerations

It is near impossible to resist the charm of our adorable pets when they are showering us with unconditional love. Now, cats are different. They have their own unique way of expressing affection. The experience of living with pets creates a special bond comprised of cozy snuggles and the occasional tumbleweed of fur. And when it comes to designing a home that is pet friendly, selecting the perfect window coverings becomes essential. You may be wondering which ones are most suited for this. Let’s embark on a delightful exploration!

Easy to Clean: A Requirement for Pet Lovers 

If there’s one thing every pet lover yearns for, it’s something that’s effortlessly easy to clean. Whether it’s the remnants of fur, pesky dust particles, or persistent dirt, maintaining a clean look and feel to our window treatments becomes an integral part of our daily cleaning routine as devoted pet owners.

NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters in white against a white wall. In front is a dog in a yellow chair
NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters


Pet Safety: A Must-Have for Our Pets 

Living with pets means embracing a fun life that is never dull. However, we all know that ensuring their safety becomes an absolute priority as they live every day to the fullest. Curious pets and dangling cords are not a great mix. That’s why opting for cordless options consistently remains the safest choice when it comes to selecting operating features. A great example of a cordless option is the NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters. 

brown wood blinds in gray bedroom with dog sleeping on the bed
Parkland® Wood Blinds


Daily Wear and Tear: Protect Your Windows

If you share your living space with pets, you’ve likely found yourself saying”This is why we can’t have nice things!” Our love for our pets is endless but it is tested when their mischievous behavior results in wear in tear. It’s crucial to take measures to protect your window treatments from any potential harm caused by your pets. 

Sonnette roller cellular shades offer easy energy efficiency for your home office
Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades


A Private Room with a View: A Wonderful Compromise 

Many of our beloved pets enjoy relaxing and observing the world through the windows of our homes. You may be picturing them in one specific spot that is their go-to every day. A common issue is finding a window covering that will allow your privacy and light control but also allow them to enjoy the view outside. But how can we strike a balance between their desire for a captivating view and our need for privacy and light control? Thankfully, it is more simple than you would think. By slightly opening one window while keeping the others protected, you can offer your pet an unobstructed view while safeguarding your home from excessive sunlight, harmful UV rays and the eyes of your neighbors and passersby. To elevate these window coverings even more, consider adding smart shades! This would make adjustments effortless and you could even schedule when they raise and lower. You get the light control you would like and they get the view they desire. A win-win for both you and your pet! 

dining room with large windows and drapery panels floor to ceiling
Alustra® Architectural Roller Shades


Let Us Help Make Living with Pets Easy

Finding the perfect balance between your window coverings and your pets shouldn’t be hard. At Austin Window Fashions, our experts are here to assist you in finding the best window treatments for your pet-friendly home. Reach out to us today for a free consultation, and let us help you create a harmonious living environment where you and your pets can enjoy your living spaces together!