Making an Impact with Small Spaces

Do you have small spaces in your home that you’re struggling to decorate? It can feel as if everything has to be intentionally chosen to avoid overwhelming the space. Although the process might be difficult, the results are nothing short of amazing! Take a look at areas of the home that make an impact while having less space

Capitalizing on Your View 

Your windows are important as you start to make your small spaces feel larger. By capitalizing on the outdoor views and natural lighting, you are opening up your interior and making the it feel more inviting and spacious. However, natural light may not be what you want all the time. Sheer shades are a great solution if you want to diffuse natural light while enjoying the view or wish to control the privacy within the room. 

  • We recommend selecting furniture that has a low-profile form. Placing that piece along the length of your room will greatly fill the space without making it seem overwhelming. 
A modern living area with a low-profile couch that covers the entire length of one wall. The Silhouette Window Shades are covering windows that lead out to a backyard with a pool
Silhouette® Window Shades


Decrease the Room Size

Now, the goal is not to actually make your rooms smaller. It’s popular to have an open floor plan design. But this can leave you wishing you had more privacy. By adding room dividers, you can divide up the space however you want. Whether you wish for a designated work-from-home space or a cozy area to read, having room dividers may be essential. The best part is that you can open these back up when you have family and friends over. This way, you can enjoy your open floor plan and make entertaining a breeze.

  • Don’t rule out creating designated areas in open floor plans. You may find that you can enjoy the space more than you thought!
Skyline® Panel Track Blinds that divide a bedroom space from the rest of the living area.
Skyline® Panel Track Blinds


Be Smart with Your Space 

Do you have corners of your home that aren’t being utilized fully? This is very common! Take the dining room, for instance. You may only have enough room for a 4-top table. This leaves the space feeling tight, and it limits the number of people who can gather around the table. Think outside the box! Consider built-in seating. Your family and friends can sit comfortably at the table, and it adds a cozy factor to your home.

  • Don’t underestimate the power the empty corners of your home hold. Keep an open mind and be smart with how you utilize them. 

dining area with corner windows with shades halfway lowered

Multi-Purpose is a Must

When you think of a multi-purpose room, it tends to be the living room. It doubles as a family room. As long as you have ample seating, everyone is happy! Take it a step further by making this room a media room. By adding blackout shades or your desired window treatments for this space, you can instantly see it transform into a cozy movie-watching haven.

  • Adding charm, dimension, and color to small spaces can easily be achieved by adding large-scale artwork. While this may seem odd for small spaces, it can look better than a collection of smaller frames. Give it a try!

Create a Dedicated Home Office

In small spaces, it can be challenging to find the perfect place for a desk or a cozy reading nook. We recommend carving out an area in your bedroom or living room. If you have the opportunity to be near a window, to benefit from the natural light and great view, even better! 

  • To make the windows seem larger and to give the appearance of taller ceilings, add drapery to shades and hang them high above the window. 
Alustra® Woven Textures®

Our team at Austin Window Fashions is prepared to help you find the perfect window treatments to add to your small spaces. Our goal is to provide the finishing touches to your space that will transform it from a house to a home, whether that involves adding privacy, reducing direct light, or stopping the harsh glare. Contact our team today to schedule a FREE consultation. We are eager to get started!