White on White: Style Statements

We’re always looking for the newest style statements that are clean and fresh. What’s a better trend than white on white? There are many ways to add variation to the pure color of white such as layers, a rustic spin, and a color contrast. We’re loving all of the new ways to show off white.

Shedding Some Light on Black

The color black can greatly enhance a neutral home by creating dramatic outlines and contrast. The shadows of that contrast can make a space pop. This gallery wall does just that!

black and white gallery wall farmhouse austin windows picture frames

When using the boldness of black with less opaque hues, it’s important not to use too many colors. That can make a room seem too cluttered and chaotic. We love the way Danielle creates the perfect space in her home.   


Textured Whites

What happens when you combine surfaces in a variety of texture with a similar color? We like to call it design magic! Sonni, an interior stylist from Florida, created just that look in this space.

dining room white decor accent wall shutters mirrors style statements

Her dining room has a mixture of textures that seamlessly flow as one large piece. The simplistic feel, linking us to the past, is infused with the modern cleanliness of white hues. Multiple layers of design elements add a rustic spin to white on white.

Clean & Chic Style Statements

Another one of this year’s style statements we are delighted with? The combination of woods and whites. Cindy from  shows off that union with these darling exposed shelves. 

kitchen white decor farmhouse style statements white on white austin

The shabby chic tones with woods and whites create an airy and comforting space. For more things painted white, visit on Instagram @cozymountaincottage.


Treat your Windows White

white style statements austin white blinds greenery

For every space you use the freshness of white, we have the window treatments to match. Whether you want white on white blinds, white on black shades, or white on neutral shutters, Austin Window Fashions can assist with any of the style statements you want to show off. Contact us today for your Free at-home consultation, or stop by our showroom today. We would love to chat.