In Style: These Fabrics Make a Statement

Designing the interior of your home can be a fun and exciting journey. What’s an important aspect to consider? The fabric. Because the selection process is based on personal preference, we’d like you to know which colors, textures and details speak to you. Which of these fabrics suit your style?


Earthy Neutrals

Organic, warm, and light. Those words come to mind when thinking about these fabrics in soft yellow, baked clay, and almond hues. Embracing nature and the feel-good vibes of organic fibers is exactly what these window treatments do. Go for a glass hugging shade that sits flush against your patio door or something a little bit more dimensional with roman shades that add depth to any living room or home office.

woven textured shades in these fabrics enhance Austin, TX living room
Alustra® Woven Textures®, Entwine Collection in Branch


soft brown roman shades next to woven wicker chair
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades, Twain Collection in Titanium


Cool & Collected

Just breathe and let these fabrics do all the work of enhancing your space. radiant white and soft linen hues come together to create a sense of calmness and serenity. We love the natural feel of woven shades and the sleek finish of floor to ceiling window treatments.

White woven window shades and eames lounge chair in white living room
Provenance® Woven Woods, Maritime Collection in Alabaster


These fabrics on glass patio door elevate this Austin, TX area sunroom
Alustra® Woven Textures®, Cirque Collection in Beach


Dark & Stormy

Don’t shy away from dark colors. Contrary to popular belief, they won’t make your space look smaller if you use them in the right way. We adore the mocha color of these textured shades mingling with the metallic fibers woven into them as it feels like a statement piece that is timeless in its own right. The clean folds of honeycomb shades also add depth and dimensionality to a room.

dark woven fabric shades with metallic fibers
Provenance® Woven Woods, Telluride Collection in Lead Mine


sleek cellular shades in dark ebony in Austin, TX
Duette® Honeycomb Shades, Elan Collection in Black Onyx


Chic Grays

Not all grays are created equal. Ditch dusty, boring grays for dappled heather and sterling silver tones in these fabrics that bring a lot of style to the table. Trust us, when the light rays glimmer through the fibers and folds of these shades you’ll have no doubt that you’ve chosen well.

gray window shades in sleek brushed chrome in these fabrics make any room chic
Pirouette® Shades, Satin Collection in Stainless


corner window gray roman shades in white living room overlook lake
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades, Pampa Collection in Chia


Whimsical Patterns

Don’t let patterns fool you into thinking that they’re just for playrooms and laundry rooms. We absolutely love the trend towards stylish textiles that put the perfect touch on any dining room or home office. Whether it’s a floral inspired shade or a luxurious floor to ceiling drapery that feels velvety soft we say “go for it!” when it comes to trying out these fabrics in your home.

blue and white striped draperies in coastal inspired living room
Design Studio™ Drapery Panels, Stafford Collection in Liberty & Design Studio™ Roman Shades, Spencer Collection in Pebble


rose pink drapery and patterned roman shades in modern white living room
Design Studio™ Drapery Panels, Berkshire Collection in Glamour & Design Studio™ Roman Shades, Colette Collection in Romance


These Fabrics Have It All

There’s hardly anything more exciting than starting a project only to end up with too many options and a whole lot of unanswered questions about what’s really best for your space. Maybe you’re looking for something clean and contemporary or something really bold and eclectic or maybe you wonder if you can really pull off that statement making shade you have your eye on. These fabrics are here to help and so are we. Ask us questions and get real answers by connecting with our team for a FREE consultation