Irresistible Bathroom Design Features You’ll Love

Are you ready to give your bathroom a makeover? Maybe you have already taken the plunge and revamped other areas of your home? You might be wishing for that same look and feel to flow seamlessly throughout your home. We have a list of the top bathroom design features that are rising in popularity. Let’s get started… 

Illuminate Your Bathroom

To kickstart your bathroom transformation, why not start with lighting? Introduce some fun light fixtures, stylish sconces, and perhaps even a chandelier. Visualize your bathroom with a mirror wall that is effortlessly backlit, sconces framing your mirrors on either side or a chandelier that descends from the ceiling right above the bathtub. Whichever path you choose, making a statement by infusing your bathroom with light is a great first step.



A modern bathroom with natural colored walls, a glass-encased shower and a freestanding tub with a chandelier hanging above


Create Drama with Accent Walls

When you think of accent walls, the bathroom might not be the first room that springs to mind. Did you know that it’s a fantastic canvas for an accent wall? It adds personality to your space. By incorporating materials like marble or geometric shapes, you can weave your style into the design of your bathroom. How great is that? It’s time to say goodbye to the look of your current bathroom and elevate it!  

A modern wood vanity with a circular mirror, patterned accent wall and black trim half windows


Embrace Storage

You know the feeling of entering a bathroom with a myriad of products, towels, and other bathroom items–realizing that there is no place to store any of them. Take this time to seamlessly integrate storage solutions into your bathroom so you, your friends, and your family don’t have to feel that way anymore. A vanity tower could be the perfect solution. It adds storage while also being aesthetically appealing. Complete with built-in outlets, these towers are game-changers. You are able to keep your countertops blissfully clutter-free. And if wall-built storage is more your speed, roll up those towels to showcase your organizational skills. 

A gray vanity with a gray vanity tower and light features placed on top of the mirror with calming appearance


Revamp Your Vanity 

Give your vanity area the attention it deserves with the perfect bathroom design features. Let lighting set the mood, upgrade your mirrors to modern shapes like rectangles or circles, and choose hardware that showcases your personality, such as brass or matte black. It is important not to overlook the power of color or wood finish – these details can set the tone for your entire bathroom upgrade.

A green vanity with gold hardware, two rectangular mirrors hanging vertically above two sinks.

Window Treatments: The Final Piece 

Selecting the perfect window treatments is a task that requires a bit of attention. Explore these options that strike the perfect balance between style, privacy, and light. 


If you want to blend light control and privacy, shutters are a great choice. Shutters are also very durable. Therefore, they are perfect for bathrooms due to the moisture. Your windows will thank you for this stylish and practical choice!

bathroom hinged panel white plantation shutters Austin 78758
Plantation Shutters

Solar Shades

There are many benefits to solar shades. One is that you can enjoy the breathtaking views with these shades because they offer an ideal blend of seclusion and scenery. Dual shades are the go-to for those floor-to-ceiling windows when you wish for just a bit more privacy.

master bathroom gray window shades by hunter douglas large tub
Designer Solar Shades


Roman Shades

Are you looking for a timeless look that also has a modern flair? Opt for roller shades that capture the charm of roman shades while beautifully rolling up and out of the way when you’re ready to bask in the view and natural sunlight.

Alustra® Architectural Roller Shades

Which Do You Prefer?

As you infuse your space with these bathroom design features, our team is ready to guide you through the process. Reach out today to set up a free consultation – let’s kickstart the journey to making your bathroom a true reflection of your style.