Combining Style & Function with Bedroom Design Tips

You may find yourself dreaming of a private space in your home meant just for you. Something cozy, yet sophisticated? Spending so much time at home requires rooms to be defined, and the bedroom is your sanctuary! These bedroom design tips can help you achieve your perfect space.

#1 Color Means Happy

The 2021 Color of the Year is here and great fun to explore! It’s all about color combinations, like yellow + gray, and how they can bring happiness to your home. If you love the idea of the color duo, but prefer your favorites instead–that’s ok!  This is your space, and pairing any fun color with a neutral tone can achieve the same look. Have some fun with color in 2021–this is your year!  

Bedroom with fabric shades in Austin home

#2 Fabrics For Personality

Ever heard this one…? What do you call a bedroom with no personality? A hotel room! All joking aside, when you enter your bedroom you should get a feeling of comfort and be surrounded by elements YOU love. Our bedroom design tips include ways to bring your personality into your private space. YOU should be the designer because no one else can get it as perfect as you can–it’s an intimate space. One way to make your bedroom unique, is by choosing fabrics that compliment your personality. Add colors, patterns and textures that scream Y-O-U!

bedroom with drapes in austim home
Design Studio® Window Treatments

Adding fabrics can be done by adding window treatments, like draperies or fabric shades. This is an ideal way to bring creativity and function to the bedroom. Window treatments now offer patterns and textures that will provide a customized look. By changing fabrics or adding new bedding or accent pillows you can transform a boring bedroom into the perfect retreat. 

#3 Let’s Get Comfortable

Would you consider your bedroom comfortable? Think about it. How does it feel? Do you need to add flannel sheets in the winter? Are you always trying to find the perfect pillow? This is the year to focus on making our homes as comfortable as we can and our bedrooms take first priority.  We spend enough time in them, right?

new style hybrid in Austin bedroom
NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters

How about the atmosphere? So many elements come into play when trying to achieve optimum comfort, especially in the bedroom.  Temperature, light, the outdoors…all of these can effect the comfort of the space. This is why adding the right window treatments can improve your comfort level tenfold. Let’s see how…

Is sleeping in on Saturdays important to you?  Try Room darkening shades.

Need uninterrupted sleep this week? The right (child-safe) shades for the kids rooms is a must.

Do you want both privacy in the bedroom but also allow some natural light in? Discover top down bottom up shades.

We have it all! Including shades that do the adjusting for you–take a look at smart shades.

#4 Clear the Clutter in 2021

Does your bedroom resemble more of a storage unit than a master suite? It happens to the best of us. With so many people and so many projects, it’s no wonder our bedroom becomes the family dumping ground. But, it’s time to change that.  Release yourself from the stress and anxiety that a cluttered room creates. Discover how bedroom design tips can help improve your life by protecting your bedroom space. You’ll feel great, sleep well and wake refreshed!

#5 Benefits of Fresh Air

As part of our bedroom design tips, we’d like to remind you of the benefits of houseplants! In the 1970s, plants could be found in everyone’s home–today, plants are making their comeback! With the obvious benefit of improving air quality in your home and the added boost to your bedroom décor makes this tip one of our favorites!

houseplants decor in austin home

Adding plants to your home is just the beginning, why not to your bedroom as well? The need to refresh air in the bedroom is apparent considering we spend so much time there–about 30% of our life! Plants are an easy companion as well, they don’t need much attention, just a bit of water and a little conversation! Add the unique style of plants to your home today you’ll love the look. 

Bedroom Design Tips to Start with…

Are you ready to get a solid night sleep and wake up refreshed? Our design team can help achieve the perfect atmosphere in your Austin bedroom. With these bedroom design tips and our window coverings the sky’s the limit. You’ll be amazed at how much your life will change by improving your bedroom space. Contact is for your FREE consultation.