Our Favorite Kitchen Window Coverings

The kitchen is always going to be known as the center of the home. It is the go-to room for almost everything in the house and it is where the family can come together and connect. Therefore, is important to make sure that this space shines. One way to do this is by picking out kitchen window coverings that are perfect for this area of the home. Not only do they bring your personal design style together but they are also energy efficient and establish the atmosphere of the room. 

Scenic View Sink

In most homes today, it is easy to find a sink underneath a window. This brings in natural light while also providing a great view if you are hand-washing dishes. 

Duette Honeycomb shades over windows and the kitchen sink.
Duette® Honeycomb shades can block intense heat and sun.

While the invention of the dishwasher somewhat eliminates the need for handwashing dishes, a sink in this location can help air out any dirty smells emanating from the space, allowing fresh air to come inside. Having window treatments covering the window above the sink is ideal if you are wanting privacy or to control the glare and heat of the sun. 

Match Your Windows and Doors 

Windows and doors often share the same space when it comes to the kitchen. You could have a sliding glass door, a patio door or even a set of french doors leading to the backyard. It can leave you wondering what type of kitchen window coverings would look best. 

Stormy gray shades in modern kitchen, Austin, TX.
Skyline® Gliding Window Panels with Designer Roller Shades

While it is recommended that you keep functionality in mind, you can always use the same window coverings for the doors and the windows. However, you can consider using similar or matching fabrics that can be used with vertical or horizontal shades. This adds some variety that is very pleasing to the eye while also being functional. 

Eat in Area 

In your kitchen space, do you have a dine-in eating area? If so, chances are that it is most likely surrounded by windows on two sides. Depending on the time of day, you could either love this or hate it. You may experience the sun in your eyes or feel the temperature rise during your meal. This can be distracting and unenjoyable. By picking out the right kitchen window coverings, you can ensure that this area of your kitchen is a pleasant place to sit all day long. 

Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades offer light control and temperature control.

Stay Clean 

With all of the preparation that goes into making a meal at home, the aftermath can be messy. Some of this mess can even spread to your kitchen window coverings. With the help of one of our designers, we can help you pick out the perfect treatments that will withstand the mess that comes with the kitchen.

green kitchen sink white shutters in Austin TX
Wood Shutters are easy to clean & will stand the test of time.

Let’s Get Started

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