Dive Into Color with The Pantone Palette 2023

Interior design fans all around have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Pantone Palette 2023. This palette is nothing short of colorful, bright, and bold this year and will inspire design choices for years to come. We’re sharing several spaces with you today to inspire your next project and show how these colors can be implemented into different rooms.


The Big Introduction

Often in fall, we see more muted colors all around us, in nature, fashion, and home accents. While the muted tones are beautiful and have their place, so do the vibrant colors brought to us in these swatches. This palette is anything from muted! As we head into the colder months, it’s nice to see these colors bringing in the warmth of spring already.

10 Pantone Palette 2023 colors

If vibrant hues aren’t necessarily your interior design style, don’t fret! Along with the Pantone Palette 2023, the “Core Classics” were also released. These five colors pair well with neutrals while also bringing in soft colors.

core classics Pantone Palette 2023


Color Completely Transforms a Space

A room can look completely different depending on the colors used. Have you ever seen a good before and after look at a room transformation? A little bit of paint and a couple new accents can go a long way! Whether you’re looking to completely redo a room from floor to ceiling, or just switch out a couple pieces, we have inspiration for you to pull from.



Your personality should shine through in your design choices, especially in your bedroom. Depending on the atmosphere you desire, selecting certain colors will help you achieve just that. In this bedroom we see a bold red with playful touches like the bicycle, collage wall art, and checkered draperies.

Bold red bedroom

Red and gray swatches

Living Rooms

The living room is often a place where families come together throughout the day and spend a lot of their time when at home. In this living room, we are seeing the welcomed contrast of the warm wood ceiling with the bright walls. The paint color livens up the space while the wood accents help to keep it soft, welcoming, and warm.

Midcentury modern living room

Living room green palette


We guarantee your cooking is anything but bland–your kitchen’s style shouldn’t be either! For years, kitchens have been a traditionally more neutral space due to cabinets, countertops, and appliances making up most of the space. We’re seeing more and more kitchens with colorful cabinets and backsplashes these days. The lively change is more than welcomed!

Pantone Palette 2023 in kitchen

Kitchen color swatches

Dining Rooms

A dining room is a place to gather with family and friends alike… Meaning, it should not be a forgotten room in the corner of your home. A beautifully decorated dining room will leave you excited to host and make memories with loved ones, all year round.

Bold dining room with pantone palette 2023

Swatches for dining room


The Pantone Palette 2023 offered many vibrant choices, but used individually in a space, they can appear a bit more subtle, too. This blue brings a relaxing, coastal feel to an otherwise neutral bathroom.

Blue and white coastal style bathroom

Coastal colors

Your Favorites from the Pantone Palette 2023

What do you think of the Pantone Palette 2023? Keep in mind, that the colors aren’t intended to all be used at one time, creating a rainbow effect. Rather, they’re meant to be used in ways that emulate your personality and desired atmosphere for your own home. Whether you’re more drawn to the whole palette or the Core Classics, our team of experts can help you to get started with your home transformation. Stop in our Austin, TX showroom to see these colors in person, or even better, schedule your FREE in home consultation to see them in your own space! Contact us today to get started.