Romans VS Rollers: What’s the Verdict?

When it comes to which style window coverings are best, the jury is still out. The age old quarrel of Romans VS Rollers still has many people divided. Some clients prefer traditional roman style shades and others favor rollers for one reason or another. Let’s examine the evidence on both sides to see if we can settle this debate once and for all. 

Roman Shades

On one side, we have a very strong argument for roman shades. Romans are known for adding stunning dimension to any room and function with ease. This particular window treatment relies on an interior cord system to raise and lower the fabric shade, resulting in folds. Today, roman shades are offered in a variety of styles that appeal to many clients. You can find romans in many options: flat-front, knife pleat, cascading, balloon and hobbled. Below, we’ve highlighted our 3 most popular choices of romans.

Vignette Modern Roman Shades

  • Watch as the overlapping materials cascade down the window
  • See how the fabric gathers uniformly to raise the shade
  • They add stunning dimension
glass patio doors covered with gray roman shades for trapping heat
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades


Alustra Woven Textures Romans

  • Materials gather when raised, to stack at the top
  • Flat front fabrics rest in position when lowered
Cream fabric window treatments next to black trim for high contrast detail
Alustra® Woven Textures® Roman Shades

Custom Roman Shades

  • Fabrics available in custom patterns & prints 
  • Fabrics lie flat when lowered, known as flat front shades
  • Fabrics gather in folds when raised
  • Choose to add custom details for style & dimension
plush blue drapes framing blue and gray and white patterned roman shades
Custom Roman Shades


Roller Shades

Next, the roller shade will present its evidence. At its basic level, this flat fabric shade can be rolled up and out of the way for a view out the window. The upgraded roller shades of today offer much more than most clients realize. Below, we highlight current style options and their features.

Designer Roller Shades

  • Select fabric opacities from light filtering to room darkening
  • Roll up function to expose the outdoor view without compromise
black window frames with gray roller shades Austin TX
Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades


Designer Screen Shades

  • Fabrics available in five varying opacities for comfort
  • Designed to enjoy the view
  • Roll up function exposes the entire window
Austin TX home largest windows covered with roller shades and draperies
Hunter Douglas Screen Shades with Drapery Panels


Custom Roller Shades

  • Specialty fabrics choices available
  • Patterns & prints will customize your look
  • Roll up function clears the outdoor view
design studio roller in austin, tx kids bedroom
Custom Roller Shades


Romans VS Rollers

Now that you’ve seen what both products can offer, have you picked a side yet? Your choice may come down to their features more than anything else. Between Romans VS Rollers, there may be one category that is more appealing than the other. This list of features may help you come to a decision.

Roman vs roller shades in austin tx

What About Rolling Romans?

The battle between Romans VS Rollers just got a bit more crowded with a third contender: The rolling roman. Simply put, it’s a roman shade that can roll. The look is similar to flat front treatments and the fabric rolls away beautifully when drawn. In addition, this shade rolls up into the headrail and disappears. Available in the Vignette collection–ask our team for details.

 Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Which Side of the Shade Are You On?

Is the jury still out? Or have you made a decision? Both romans and rollers have a secure place in the design industry, and there is no one size fits all option. Keep in mind, the choice between Romans VS Rollers is a personal one and depends upon many factors including any window issues you’d like to address. We recommend that clients choose a shade that fits the look of their home, operates efficiently and provides comfort. Our team at Austin Window Fashions can help point you in the right direction by getting to know you and the needs of your home. Stop by our showroom and view our products, or make an appointment for a FREE Consultation.