How to Cover Those Large Windows

Those large windows in your home offer copious amounts of natural light, breathtaking views, and unfortunately, a fair share of frustration. It’s likely that you have a love-hate relationship with these windows. We’re here to provide you with inspiration that can help you highlight the aspects you adore while simultaneously tackling the challenges you face. 

Goodbye to that Fishbowl Feel

If you’ve ever stood in front of the expansive windows of your home and felt as if you were living in a “fishbowl,” you understand the discomfort it can bring. However, if you want to continue to allow natural light to flood in while ensuring your privacy, top-down shades could be the solution for you. This feature enables you to enjoy different levels of light while also preventing passersby from seeing inside. Moreover, you can still enjoy some of the views by lowering the shades enough to glimpse the sky, treetops, or skyline.

top down bottom up feature on patio door windows in dining room
Caption: ​​Vignette® Modern Roman Shades on floor to ceiling windows


Enjoying Your Open Floor Plan

Modern elements like those large windows are frequently incorporated into open floor plan homes. You may be wondering how you can preserve the style and functionality of the space while covering these windows. Our recent article on using window coverings in open floor plan homes offers several suggestions. It is important to remember that you don’t have to choose between style and function. You can have both, and you should! The shades can imitate the window’s motion to ensure that your lifestyle flows smoothly, and coordinating with a window covering designer makes the process seamless. Why not start today?

Living area with a dark leather couch, soft silhouette window coverings over a sliding door
Luminette® Privacy Sheers cover the sliding door; Silhouette® Window Shades cover the large windows.

Customize Your Coverage

A frequently asked question we encounter is whether the entire window needs to be covered. The answer is “No.” Custom window shades can be tailored to enhance the look and feel of your home, allowing you to select which portions you want to be covered. For instance, some people prefer to leave arches or angles exposed while covering the remaining area. In other cases, those large windows could be part of a wall of windows with transoms. One could choose to keep the transoms bare while covering the large windows to maximize the influx of light while still maintaining a certain level of privacy or view.

modern executive office floor to ceiling window shades in soft gray color
Alustra® Architectural Shades


Enhance Your View

If you have floor-to-ceiling windows, chances are you don’t want to miss out on the stunning view they offer. The great news is that you don’t have to compromise. You can minimize glare and direct light while still enjoying the scenery right outside of your windows. Check out our article on the best shades to enhance your view to find your new favorites!

luminette privacy sheers Hunter Douglas Leander 78641
Luminette® Privacy Sheers


Adjust Your Window Coverings 

The choice of your operating system is key, especially when it comes to window coverings. After all, one of the most significant aspects of window coverings is the ease with which you can adjust them. It’s important to choose a system that provides you with a broad range of options for controlling light and privacy. Smart shades are one of the best ways to maximize the potential of your large windows. They eliminate cords hanging around and make adjustments simple and convenient. With smart shades, you can even schedule them to open and close automatically or control them with voice commands. They integrate seamlessly with your existing smart home system. Who wouldn’t want that?

Alustra® Architectural Shades in a modern living area.
Alustra® Architectural Shades


Rekindle Your Love for Those Large Windows

Whether you’re seeking solutions for a specific room such as energy efficiency and room darkening, or you want to transform those large windows in your home, Austin Window Fashions is here to help. Contact us today to schedule a FREE virtual or in-person consultation with one of our window-covering specialists. Let’s get started today!